Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review

Test Drive Unlimited 2 was a great idea in theory; an always-online racer that allowed you to live a life of luxury with an open world to explore. A lot of things are good in theory, but unfortunately, Test Drive Unlimited 2 fails to deliver the compelling racing experience it set out to achieve.

What Test Drive Unlimited 2 Got Right

Large Open World – Test Drive Unlimited 2 allows you to explore the island of Ibiza and beyond in a large open world that can be stunning at times. Whether you are racing for a championship or simply taking a cruise along the coast and viewing that sunset, you can’t deny that Test Drive Unlimited 2 delivers a large playground to drive in.

Attention To Detail – Take the top off, wind down those windows, change the radio station or even use the turn signals. Test Drive Unlimited 2 pays attention to detail, even the little things.

Social Aspect – Buying houses and decking them out, showing off your impressive car collection or simply taking photos all bring together a certain social aspect to the gameplay which other racers are lacking.

Multiplayer Fun – Driving around in an always online world has its perks; meet up with some friends by the boulevard and have a race down the coast or simply enjoy a nice joyride around town.

What Test Drive Unlimited 2 Got Wrong:

Player Models – While a racing game should all be about the cars, considering you do interact with the character models on a regular basis you would think they would pay some attention to their looks. Unfortunately, player models are atrocious, even by PS2 standards.

City Feels Empty – Even though the world may be huge, the city areas feel completely empty. Ibiza is a party island, yet there are no people in sight.

Broken Online – The multiplayer aspect of Test Drive Unlimited 2 is good when it works. Unfortunately, the online portion of the game seems to be broken more often than not, and even when it does work you will suffer horrendous pop-in and unplayable lag.

Handling – This is a racing game yet cars handle like little toys. Never does a car feel correctly weighted or powerful. Steering is rigid and it takes some serious tweaking in the control menu to get things to a playable level.

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