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You know, the guys in his childhood/adolescence have a habit to gather in groups of two or three people, forming sustainable social elements. And in these groups, there are one or two fun team. Often these amusements we call “childhood games”, and Battlefield 2 for me is just such a game. So when I learned about Ravenfield “spiritual successor” to BF2, my legs were started to test the project himself.

An important point to remember is that the game is still in Early Access in theravenfield.com and only recently changed the first alpha builds, so much of the criticism of my criticism is not very relevant.

After testing I was so inspired that immediately sat down to write the review, but left me just a couple of sentences, one of which reads as follows – “…it’s a mixture of Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3 in different proportions.” For me, this description sounds obvious, since I’m a big fan of the series and did not play except in Hardline.

Ravenfield review 9

For those who with a series of unfamiliar, explain. Ravenfield is a team tactical shooter in which two teams compete for supremacy on maps of different sizes. The main difference of the game from Battlefield – it has no multiplayer. That is how BF2 single player campaign, only with a lot of settings. And like a huge disadvantage, but not for your humble servant, and I will explain why later in the review.

The basic gameplay

Mechanics Ravenfield is simple – choose the map, number of bots, type of game, create a session, select the point and fighting. You can fight in the mode of capture points that is classic Battlefield, but you can just arrange the meat in the mode of battalions. You can enable a mode without combat equipment, you can change teams but only in the beginning of the round.

Ravenfield review 9

Card pair is associated with the Battlefield, and 1942. Pure infantry, not even at the narrowest place, is a tank or a helicopter. But this case, as I said above, you can disable. The cards themselves worked well, and it fits in spirit to you-know-what series.

Ravenfield review 5

Now on the direct participants in the war. We can either be a grunt with a fully customizable layout, or get into a jeep/tank/helicopter/plane. Technique mixed in a bunch of different parts – jeeps and Quad bikes from BF3, the planes and tanks from BF1942 and the helicopter from BF2. The aircraft carrier taken from BF2, the water technique is somewhat unique, triple mortar boat is especially good, and antiaircraft guns is most similar to these from BF1.

Weapons and balance

Weapons and gear is configured, the number and appearance of the guns – most of BF3. The strongest hints are in terms of rockets, we have the Javelin, SRAW and Stinger. The title, of course, others, but the appearance and behavior of shells is almost the same. The layout is nice and the fact that we can take the primary weapon, a pistol, and either an accessory and a rocket launcher, or three accessories at once.

Ravenfield review 6

In General, in terms of balance Ravenfield unique, simple and genius. The rocket is balanced by the number of shells and efficiency – SRAW the slow and fast fall, but four of them. Javelin tracking and can be induced even in the damp earth (think Modern Warfare 2), but their two pieces. Stinger does not lock on the equipment themselves but fly very quickly and almost always in a straight line, they are the same as SRAW but they reload twice as slowly.

With guns, a similar situation – some of the weapons rate of fire, but has a strong recoil and/or spread from another part of the little shop, the third weak damage. Not enough guns, no guns, sniper rifles, just one piece, but DMR two. Ballistics and weapon behavior more from Battlefield 3 – the bullet is clearly visible and very unpleasant falling, through increased damage, and headshots are very steep.

Ravenfield review 4

The benefits of the game

Now start talking about the real advantages of Ravenfield. First and foremost is the mechanics of stun. The fact that after a successful hit on the character, if he’s lucky, he won’t die, but just fall at the behest of the ragdoll, can roll down a hill or even a river. And then get up and continue the fight. That is, you can not only kill the enemy but to take him down, albeit briefly. Its stun works as a penalty for the drop – parachutes in the game did not deliver, but the HP on this thing is not spent.

The mechanics of the stun is very strongly influenced by the tactics, because some of the guns, including the only full-fledged sniper rifle, and it harms rather than damage. Grenade-flash, for example, stuns thus the whole area, allowing you to bypass entrenched behind a wall of bots and the heavy shot of the add on the side or even from behind. It is unique in my memory, the mechanic, and I am very glad that got acquainted with her.

Ravenfield review 4

Also pleasantly surprised by the approach to capture the flags. The fact that the number of flags depends given for each murder – and the victory is awarded to the team that did the preponderance of points on their side. That is, even with only one point out of five, you can win just by killing enemies faster than lost allies.

Praise for AI

Further, bots are smart. Not genius tactics/strategy, but the smartest, active and team-oriented. In contrast to these in Battlefield 2/1942, and in the same Battlefront, the AI in Ravenfield is able to decently fly airplanes, circling helicopters so that the co-pilot was able to shoot a machine gun the enemy, it is fire from anti-aircraft and stationary tools…

Ravenfield review 4

I can’t believe what I say now, but bots are able to work with teams and capture points, you come back! Moreover, they often give out ammo and health is to ask them, it’s impossible, but they sometimes signified good spew. Compare their mind I can do that with clones of F. E. A. R., and praise above, I can’t think of.

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Management in Ravenfield is also encouraged. The ability to hold down F and automatically sit down in the available technique warms my nerd nature, the mouse sensitivity and the crosshair can be customized, infinite sprint, hitmaker present and shameless requisitioned from Call of Duty.

Audiovisual component

I note even graphics/sound. Visually the game is very low-poly, but due to this distinct hitboxes, and the system requirements are modest. This effects quite a lot, and on a large map with a huge range of drawing war looks very spectacular.

Ravenfield review 12

This same range allows you to fight at extremely long distances, and sniper rifles Archipelago maps and Dustbowl exposed COMPLETELY. Well, a trifle – there is the ability to slow down time. How would cheat, but it’s against bots, so that’s good. Optimization below average, but depends more on the card. Sounds all nice, the chatter of machine guns caresses soup, but the sound sometimes does that.

Ravenfield review 19


Now the bad. Ravenfield is a very pointless game. As a shooter it is fun as an informal part of the Battlefield – delivers, but as a game with goals, with purpose, and simply banal statistics – is meaningless. Statistics is not there! We don’t have a name, our friends had no name, the enemy has no name, nobody keeps score, nobody’s watching reruns of no deaths, demonstrating the killer’s, after the end of the round, you can play without paying any penalty, even if the game ended a full Capon (when the enemy had no points and he’s nowhere to be born).

Ravenfield review 11

Non-obviousness is stalking us and in the interface. Doesn’t show the respawn timer, for example, and not indicating that after the change calculations it is reset to zero. Hate klinedea management, sometimes reloading doesn’t work, sometimes the scope won’t turn on or switches as necessary. Part of the options when creating a session is saved, the part resets. If you remember Battlefield 2, the helicopter does not have guided missiles, the aircraft is nothing but a machine gun, not to go to the ballistics significantly worse (Battlefield 3, after all), some of the weapons of little, swimming is just a circus with horses and midgets, there’s no side view, and the cars behave on the road like a drunken siren in alcoholics.

Ravenfield review 11

To interact with the bots is impossible, in the settings you can change their difficulty, and even though they are not particularly citerat as screwed in at a maximum of headshots-masters of BF2, but the mortar boats, for example, without problems allowed the shells on the right path to beat the crap out of the landing boats. This is bad because the projectile flies is 6 seconds, and predict the exact moment of impact is unrealistic. Yes, it’s AI, but it in fact cheat.

Why Ravenfield – my ideal

Now let’s talk about why for me, Ravenfield perfect in single player mode only. The fact that Battlefield 2 is a very scary game. Its randomly, his flawless mechanics, his fun, she has earned not only me, but hundreds of thousands of other players the title of “Pillboxes from the world of shooters”. It’s like a digital drug to get off which is difficult, and if going back to him, only avidly for many hours a day.

Ravenfield review 11

And most importantly – in spite of the disabling forces of EA official servers and statistics, project Revive was the case back in line, so I… hung there for a long time, so to speak. But thanks to Ravenfield, I was able to remove BF2 and a little bit off the “needle” (and Yes, I know it sounds like a Foundation for the pun, because in BF2 the “needle” is called an anti-aircraft gun, but the pun I came up with, so forget). Advanced AI simulates the unpredictability of real players, and the shooting system allows me to enjoy those aspects of the Battlefield series, which I love the most.

Ravenfield review 21

I can sit in a tank and knock out the main gun, the aircraft can sit on the enemy base without capturing it, and just mow spawn as the last ublog. We can secretly sneak across the map using only the mufflers, you can gratuitously kill soldiers on their side. Ravenfield is the game for me. That’s just the same for me personally. For any other nerds in BF, which it is necessary to dispense happiness.

The results in Ravenfield

This is a unique project. A hodgepodge of the three parts of the Battlefield and one part Call of Duty, but not plagiarism, since there are fresh ideas in the gameplay, and the AI is good enough that there was a reason regularly to visit Ravenfield. This game is a demonstration of fun in the genre. This is my perfect Battlefield… or rather, it would be ideal if the project will evolve, add missing features. I’m freaking out because I don’t know if the game has a future, but damn, if there is, I’m happy.

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