• Rating:
  • Release date: Coming soon
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: Random developers
  • Publisher: Random developers
  • Languages: English, Czech
  • Features: Single-player, Local Multi-Player, Steam Achievements, Stats


End tyranny of king Gark, who conquered the Morp's land. Morps are little creatures with different abilities. They help to conquer enemy and defend to your king.


  • 15 different spells
  • 6 different enviroments
  • 26 unique levels
  • multiplayer 2 - 4 players on one PC
  • 5 types of Morps with different abilities
  • use special traps


Game supports 2 - 4 players. Each player can choose different keys or connect game controller. In multiplayer is neccessary to defeat your opponents using the same mechanics as in single player game.

How to play

The player controls cursor by using keys or gamepad and uses action buttons to perform different actions. The bordered cursor shows option for using action button. If you push and hold an action button on specific area, you can show the choose between Morps/spells/traps. Another thing to do is to collect bubbles for creating Morps/traps/remove barrier. Bubbles are created by fountains. Player places his Morps on building slots to defend their king (Morps have cooldown to prepare themselves before they can defend the king). You can use the spells or you can click action button on Morp in defense and send him to attack. The spells you can be changed by "spellchangers" which you can find by king. Click on the king by action button to use prepared spell.

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