Squid Game: Challenge Review

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  • Release date: 03 Nov 2021
  • Genre: Misc
  • Developer: Podscriptom
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Following the success of the recent Netflix series Squid Game, now meet the game, based on its original story. Download Squid Game: Challenge now and try to survive the show’s trials with your favorite characters.


Squid Game: Challenge right now is available for free download on IOS and Android systems. It is still unclear whether the developers will release Squid Game: Challenge on PC. Games graphics seem pretty simple and nice, considering that Squid Game: Challenge mobile has only made its entrance on the market. You don’t have to have a special gamer set up to enjoy your time there. The design is pleasant for the eye and easy to navigate. You also probably won’t have to wait for Squid Game: Challenge for Xbox.


Install Squid Game: Challenge for free from your app store and dive into the world of diverse challenges and dangers. The controls are fairly simple for a mobile game, all of them are based on dragging, touching, or tapping. Download Squid Game: Challenge and test out your reaction skills, as speed is the most important part of the game.


Fortunately, you don’t have to order Squid Game: Challenge, because it’s easy to get for your mobile device right now. The game offers you a set of challenges, which are based on the original plot of the Netflix series with the said name.
To win the game you have to beat several rounds of interesting challenges like Red Light, Green Light, where your concertation will be of much help. Sugar Honey Combs will test how calm and strong your hand movements are, and Tug of War will challenge you to a hot battle between two teams. You can also enter the Marbles and Glass Stepping Stones challenges and see how good your aim is.


The sounds in the game are not very amazing or exciting, as the gameplay is often just quiet if not silent. Only during the Red Light, Green Light challenge, you can hear the familiar music from the series. Sometimes the volume might be very high, so be careful when playing Squid Game: Challenge.

Replay Value

Since you can download Squid Game: Challenge anytime its replay value is not that high. You might be on a winning streak of several successful tries after beating the game, but, sadly, the gameplay gets repetitive very quickly. Moreover, after failing at some particular challenge a lot of times, there is not much desire to go back to the game.

Bottom Line

Don’t wait to preorder Squid Game: Challenge, as it is free to install on your phone whenever you want. It is a fairly simple game, where you can waste your time while waiting for something or just out of boredom. The app has a pretty design and models, and since it is fan-made you can’t wait for its official release on PS platforms (PS4 or PS5). The game has a list of certain challenges which you have to beat to survive in the Squid Game.

  • Free-to-play game;
  • User-friendly controls;
  • Interesting setup;
  • Repetitive challenges;
  • Not many additional sound effects;

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