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  • Release date: 26 Jan 2016
  • Genre: Misc
  • Developer: ROBLOX
  • Publisher: ROBLOX
  • Features: Online multiplayer (1-100), Online co-op, Cross-platform co-op

Roblox is a phenomenally popular open-world multiplayer sandbox game in which you can join one of the largest virtual communities and do … well, whatever you want! You only need to install a single game to access a whole universe of mini-games of various genres. Moreover, you can create and promote a game of your own!


Due to unlimited game crafting options, the Roblox library is home to games of different genres. You can either choose one of the games in the immense library or try to create your own experience with friends and enjoy sharing it with others. The cool thing is that all Roblox worlds have ranks so that you and other players can rank each other’s creations and move upwards in the worldwide and regional leaderboards. Popular game creators can set paid passes for players and earn real money for entertaining players from all over the world.

The library includes a browser that lets you search for games by keywords. You can actually type in anything that’s on your mind and find a game related to that subject in 90% of cases. Impressive, isn’t it?


Although Roblox can’t boast realistic graphics, it looks good enough to support the exciting gameplay. The game is based on an open-source OGRE engine, which is pretty simple but ensures excellent multiplayer performance on all devices, including low-end smartphones and tablets. It’s also fair to note that the developers have significantly enhanced game visuals over the last few years. Roblox doesn’t look as clumsy and indie as it used to.


Roblox is a huge library of gaming experiences created by thousands of game developers and players. Due to such openness, the library already includes thousands of high-quality mini-games in a variety of genres, including shooters, action, racing, platformers, adventures, and many more. If you don’t feel like playing, just log in to one of many chat rooms to have fun with your friends and meet new people online.

  • Roblox offers gameplay experiences for any player;
  • You can play this game from a smartphone, tablet, console, and PC;
  • You can download and play Roblox for free;
  • Some players in multiplayer are rude to others.;

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