Gods Unchained

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  • Release date: 01 Jan 2021
  • Genre: Misc
  • Developer: Immutable
  • Publisher: Immutable

Recently, many Hearthstone players expressed an interest in Gods Unchained. Though many mechanics of the game will likely be familiar to veteran CCG players, we wanted to write a specific discussion piece for those of you who enter the world of Gods Unchained with a plethora of card-slinging experience already under their belt. 

What makes this game different from the rest in the field and which aspects of it are going to be the most interesting to you? Read on to find out!

Speaking as a veteran Hearthstone player, this is perhaps the most interesting aspect from a gameplay perspective for me. 

It’s become pretty clear over the years that tempo is the governing gameplay element in Hearthstone, and basically any card game which has the same sort of guaranteed flat mana increase turn after turn – instead of the higher-variance system popularized by Magic: the Gathering where your resources are essentially tied to card draw, and mana screw or mana flood decides a non-insignificant portion of your games. Basically, the “Hearthstone model”, if you can call it that, requires expensive cards to be brutally effective the moment they’re played, or they are essentially useless in a constructed environment because putting them in battle eats up so much of your time, something which you cannot afford if you’re behind on tempo and could use better if you’re ahead.

Gods Unchained’s solution to this conundrum is the mana lock system, an interesting variation on the flat increments which smooths out the power spikes and creates additional decision points over the course of a match. 

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