Axie Infinity

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  • Release date: 01 Mar 2018
  • Genre: Misc
  • Developer: Sky Mavis
  • Publisher: Sky Mavis

Have you ever wondered why we call our gaming universe Axie Infinity?  From the very beginning, we always envisioned building a gaming ecosystem that brought smiles and joy to every type of gamer around the world.  Infinite experiences, infinite engagement… infinite fun.  At the foundation of our ecosystem are Axies, the digital pets you all are getting to know and love.  Each Axie is unique in its own way, and as we’ll all begin to discover together, the world of Lunacia will soon present many unique experiences for both you and your Axies to better get to know each other.  We’d like to share some more about one of those experiences that’s currently deep in development.

Last December, we first gave community members a one-week glimpse of a game that had the codename Project K.  K was short for kingdom, and all landholders at the time got a chance to play with the first concept build of the game.  We shared it primarily to test some gameplay concepts with the community, get your feedback, test our server infrastructure, and to make it clear to the community that our ecosystem is truly committed to different gaming experiences.  It was a tiny part of our ultimate vision for Project K, but it was great to see the positive feedback it received.  

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