Puzzle Mania

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  • Release date: Coming soon
  • Genre: Indie,  Simulation
  • Developer: Norrland Interactive
  • Publisher: Norrland Interactive
  • Languages: English
  • Features: Single-player


With our puzzles, we would like to invite you to a puzzle world with beautiful premade puzzles.

We offer many different motives in different sizes and varying difficulties. With our generator you have the choice of unlimited puzzles. The intuitive and simple control promises you a puzzle experience almost as in real. In order to simplify the game, we have interchangeable backgrounds as well as a minimap for you. You have the choice, whether you want the parts already as given or rotate these themselves, in order to increase the difficulty again.

  • 19 Wonderful premade Puzzles between 24 and 560 pieces (over 3000 pieces total)
  • Generate Puzzles with up to 160 pieces with our Beta version Generator
  • Choose from 10 beautiful motives for our Puzzlegenerator
  • Intuitive and simple controls
  • A minimap and a switchable background to help you solve more challenging puzzles

Coming soon:
  • New, even nicer UI
  • Optimized and unlimited Puzzlegenerator
  • Saving and Loading
  • Many more Gamemodes including Challenges and Trials

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