Among Us Review

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  • Release date: 16 Nov 2018
  • Genre: Indie,  Free to Play
  • Developer: Innersloth
  • Publisher: Innersloth
  • Features: Multi-player, PvP, Online PvP, LAN PvP, Co-op, Online Co-op, LAN Co-op, Cross-Platform Multiplayer, Remote Play on Phone, Remote Play on Tablet

Among Us is a game that did not leave anyone indifferent. It was released by InnerSloth back in 2018 but gained worldwide popularity recently. The number of users grows day by day, so the company actively develops this project. Join the crowd of Among Us fans: venture out into space to track down traitors among your crewmates or kill everybody on a spaceship. To download Among Us, visit the "Get" page, where we gathered links from official sources.

Catch the Impostor

Impostors have wound up in your team, and the sooner you find them, the more crew members will survive. Before the start of each session, participants are assigned their roles at random. Since one match lasts 5-10 minutes, every player will be able to try themselves in a villain's role. All users have several tasks to complete. In between assignments, they hold meetings, for example, after a corpse was found. On them, players try to identify the traitor by voting and sending them into outer space. Of course, sometimes it can be innocent participants.

Crew members have to refuel engines, improve wiring, fix gauges, etc. If they manage to complete them all, the game will end with their victory. Also, the crew will win if they can identify the traitor (-s) in time. The villains, in turn, should kill all the players to prevent them from completing their work, or organize sabotage, for example, blow up a reactor. Although they do not get a list of tasks, they have to do them from memory so as not to arouse suspicion. You can identify the killer by observing others' actions and finding the one who does something the wrong way. If the sabotage is successful or the number of crew members and traitors is equal, the impostors will win. It is possible to download Among Us for PC, PS4 and Xbox S.

Awesome Features

Although the essence of the game is not brand new and is a cosmic variation of the Mafia, Among Us still gained its popularity for a reason. Many users like that it has access to local and global servers. That is, you can play both with your friends and other users from different countries. Besides, the game has a lot of settings and adjustments, so you can customize it the way you like.


At the moment, there are already four full-fledged maps with a large number of locations and tasks: a spaceship, interplanetary base, airship, and headquarters. You can dress up your character in a funny costume, change its spacesuit color, put on a hat, and even buy a pet like a hamster or Brainslug. What's more curious, killed or exiled characters can leave the game, or they can remain in it in the form of ghosts and continue to complete tasks. By the way, statistics show that most of the matches end precisely with the impostors' victory.

Welcome to the Crew

It doesn't matter if you play as a traitor or a crew member; you will definitely have fun with your friends. Heated arguments at emergency meetings will not leave you indifferent. Try to figure out the killer in a matter of seconds or deftly get away, proving your innocence!


Overall score: 5

  • clear gameplay
  • many locations
  • fast sessions
  • wide customization options
  • primitive graphics
  • servers can be overloaded

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  • You could make a mod maker in among us like clown,sherif,medic etc.
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  • I love among us I played It on my sisters phone
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  • I love Among us So this should be great
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  • i love this game so much it is the best game i hink that it is i love this game it is so much fun i mean so much fun make more amongus games i love them all so much and i hope you do make more i will love them all so much i am a bid fan and i do will love all of your games so much they are the best ever i think that you keep doing the games a lot of people love i think if someone would give a shotout i would give a shotout to all of your games they are the bom.I AM IN LOVE WITH ALL OF YOU GAMESSSSSSSSSSSSSS DO MORE I LOVE THEM AND SO MANY PEOPLE LOVE THEM TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TE THE GAME SO MUCH.
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