The New California

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  • Release date: Coming soon
  • Genre: Action,  Adventure,  Indie
  • Developer: Game e Arte
  • Publisher: Game e Arte
  • Languages: English, Portuguese-Brazil, Portuguese
  • Features: Single-player, Full controller support
A story-driven experience based on a 1910's brazilian tale.

Healty fun with defunct bones!

Tubiacanga, 1910. A Rio de Janeiro small city lives the most disgusting crime of its history: the defunct's bones theft!

Why, after all, steal loved one's bones?

Coincidence or not, a new foreigner comes to the city. Would be an important person, or an coins' forger? Would he have a ding pact?

Bastos, the most famous apothecary, decides to investigate.

And your biggest wish is, of course... meet The New California.


  • Action and adventure

  • Use your poker face to fill people's ego and... see their sincerity explodes!

  • Knock quickly with your pickaxe on tombs, steal human bones... don't let anybody see you!

  • Live action and discovery moments. Find a bizarre way to heal the bigger disease of all: the greed!

  • An uniquely created and story-based.

  • Literature adaptation of one of the most popular brazilian authors: Lima Barreto!

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