Last Anime boy: Saving loli

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  • Release date: Coming soon
  • Genre: Action,  Indie
  • Developer: CSM
  • Publisher: W.T.B.
  • Languages: English
  • Features: Single-player
2088 year. As it turned out, the future is not that bright. Nazi Muslims came to power. In the world, everything was banned: LGBT community, miniskirts, free parking, and most importantly banned ANIME.

You and your magazines with Hentai were hiding in the mountains of Tibet. But the Nazis found you and threw you in jail, and also hid the illegal reading.
There you will find out that all the Anime boys were executed, and the loli were sent to the harem. You're the last Anime boy. Get out of prison, find all your magazines with Hentai and save the loli from the harem of the terrible Nazi Muslims.


- The ability to shoot Nazi Muslims;
- Save all the loli from the harem !;
- Collect your own collection of Hentai;
- 8-bit music accompaniment;
- Become the last Anime boy and save your heritage!

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