Champions of Aerial

  • Rating:
  • Release date: Coming soon
  • Genre: Action,  Indie
  • Developer: Quick Save Studios
  • Publisher: Quick Save Studios
  • Languages: English
  • Features: Single-player, Local Multi-Player, Shared/Split Screen, Partial Controller Support
Champions of Aerial is a battle arena fighting game with up to four players, where the goal is to under a series of rounds, push the other players off the platform and be the only one remaining. In between the matches you have the chance to upgrade your character with new attacks to create even more mayhem on the battlefield.

  • Local Multiplayer
    Enjoy the battle together with up to 4 players or AI Bots.
  • AI Difficulties
    Battle the AI, with three types of difficulty settings;
  • Skills & Power-ups
    Enhance your character with skills between the rounds to help you throughout the experience. The fight also includes randomly emerging power-ups throughout the level.
  • Control Support
    Champions of Aerial can be played with both Keyboard and Xinput controller.

    • 4 Different characters
    • 2 Skill-trees
    • 6 Power-ups
    • 3 Levels
    • 3 AI Difficulties

      • 1 Character
      • 1 Skill-trees
      • 2 Powerups
      • 1 Level
      • 2 AI Difficulties; Beginner, Normal

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