Zoom Enables Real-Time Translation

  • Nelly Jackson
  • Sep 12, 2021
Zoom Enables Real-Time Translation

At its annual conference Zoomtopia, Zoom promised to simplify the way we meet online.

Starting from February 2021, Zoom users got a new free function of real-time automated transcription and closed caption. Now, the company is going to expand the feature to 30 languages. But what is more exciting is that, for the paid accounts, the service will also offer a live translation across 12 languages. It will definitely simplify communication with the foreigners so that we don’t need to spend extra time on a translation anymore. Though, we don’t know yet what languages exactly will be available.

To introduce these options, Zoom implemented machine learning possibilities. Earlier this year, the company bought a German startup Kites specializing in machine-learning-based real-time translation.

Another new update, coming later this year, relates to whiteboards. Zoom Whiteboards promise that interaction with the virtual whiteboard will be similar to the real one. To enhance this experience, Zoom collaborated with Oculus Horizon Workrooms (owned by Facebook) to implement a shared VR space where you can use a whiteboard. Whiteboards are already included in the Zoom tools, but the new feature seems to be a complete product with sticky notes, comments on the board, etc. Another difference between existing and new whiteboards is that they will be available independently from video calls, which means that you’ll be able to interact with others through the whiteboard only.

It seems that Zoom is pretty serious about becoming the most user-friendly video conference service. It’s already the most popular video calls app with 300 million daily meetings. With features like real-time translation and VR meeting rooms, Zoom may attract even more users, including the paid ones. Would you pay for the new Zoom translation feature? And if not, will the free transcription option be useful for you? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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