Xur Restores His Reputation in Destiny 2

  • Julia Coldlake
  • Nov 10, 2021
Xur Restores His Reputation in Destiny 2

Bungie game developers reveal the new concept of Destiny 2, including its iconic NPCs. The Legendary goods make the peculiar merchant valuable again. Agent of the Nine, Xur, makes a grand come back to the game. However, his role changed dramatically this time. The NPC is back to the Destiny 2 universe as a valuable asset and a helper of players.

Wares of this character were significantly changed since 2014 when the first Destiny revealed the character. Whether you remember him as Nine’s Agent or Exotic Engrams employee, he has evolved significantly. His goods were usually mediocre, not unique, and often useless. Destiny 1 is the real proof of his uselessness in general. Just remember the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. No wonder players did not need him and preferred to avoid his attempts to sell anything that looked like cheap car salesmen’s work.

Destiny 2’s new Season of the Lost released in August changed the situation. Xur became a relevant figure in the game, selling the Legendary armor that was no longer present anywhere in the game. More players started to come to him. Since that time players prefer to visit his store at least once a week, to find something useful. Sometimes it is a rare weapon, sometimes it is a unique collectible. On September 17 Xur received a Bottom Dollar hand cannon in his collection of rare goods. It has Dragonfly and Outlaw benefits. Outlaw can make the gun reload surprisingly fast, and Dragonfly intensifies the power of the shot.

The next weekend players noticed that Xur was selling the True Prophecy cannon. His goods became so tempting that this October group of players kidnapped the salesman. They simply surrounded him for several days so the game could not update. The teamwork united players from around the world, crashing Discord.

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