With Sims 4 Mod Manager, Life Simulation Gets Easier

  • Julia Coldlake
  • Dec 28, 2021
With Sims 4 Mod Manager, Life Simulation Gets Easier

The Sims 4 remains demanded and playable through years, and partly due to continuous mod development. These enhancements give players hell when it’s time to update, though. But a new tool has arrived that may change it all for the better, so you can modify your Sims’ life the way you want it.

The number of mods for The Sims 4 (at least, its PC version) is now incredible. Some add just haircuts or accessories, others bring in mini-games, revamp the entire lifestyle, add new locations, or change the behavior of the NPC. This diversity (like in real life) raises the question of mod compatibility, both with the core game (that often gets updates) and with its expansions, as well as with each other. That’s why after each game update a mod update follows, or soon this mod becomes unusable.

At least, so it was until the Sims 4 Mod Manager appeared. Developed by GameTimeDev, it’s so far at the early stages of development – what they call “early access” – so it still retains the “BETA” in its name. In fact, it’s an advanced file explorer with some The Sims 4-related features, like sorting mods, searching within mods, disabling, or enabling certain mods from the list. It’s way easier than deleting the entire library and then reinstalling them one by one after each minor update.

With a name generic like this, it’s easy to confuse this tool with its already existing alternatives. But this one is probably the one with the best perspectives. The developer plans to introduce more specific features, so The Sims 4 fans can filter for catalog items or search for certain household items. In addition, the developer intends to make the tool smaller.

If you play The Sims 4, do you play the vanilla version, or do you use mods? If so, which are your favorites? Have they always been working smoothly, or have there been any troubles with them? Share your Sim story in the comments, you don’t have to speak Simglish for that!

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