WhatsApp Works on Improved Voice Calling Interface

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Feb 21, 2022
WhatsApp Works on Improved Voice Calling Interface

The popular social media company is currently in the testing stage. The new interface was spread among beta testers on iOS. Before that, WhatsApp checked out new features for Android owners.

WhatsApp is rolling out its voice calls interface for beta users on an iOS mobile platform. There are new waveforms for the group calls as well. The feature has already been tested by Android beta users and was noticed in December 2021. This news was revealed right after iPhone and iPad owners received the ability to play the messages in the background. The updates made for the iOS mobile devices extended users' possibilities. They can now play the audio messages outside the chat.

The report was published by WABetaInfor, the well-known tracker of WhatsApp, right after they noticed the beta version of the app with the new interface. It was released as a update. This messaging app is trying hard to restore its popularity among users, making the new interface clear and advanced. It will show the voice waveforms in real-time for users, so they would be able to see all the active speakers. This new feature may decrease the usual confusion between users in the group chat, allowing everyone to be heard. App’s tracker also informs that there is wallpaper available for the interface of the voice call. It can’t be edited or changed currently.

The new feature was tested on Android in the first place. A select group of users was able to check out and try the interface earlier. It works and looks similar on both platforms. Users who installed the beta version can easily play voice messages in the background while staying in the group chat. WhatsApp does not reveal the date of the official release.

How often do you use group chat from WhatsApp? Do you believe the new feature will be helpful? You can share your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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