What PC Games to Expect at E3 2021

  • Nelly Jackson
  • Jun 04, 2021
What PC Games to Expect at E3 2021

In 2021, E3 is purely a digital event; nevertheless, it draws a lot of attention because of many top publishers and developers presenting their project. Console gamers are now digesting the generation shift, with new titles and new issues, but the PC gaming world remains the same. Even more: exclusivity is no more the Holy Grail of console promotion, so those at their desktops and laptops can expect for dozens of great titles.

The complete list of PC games to be present at the event includes 95 titles, though some of them are already available on consoles – for example, The Crew 2, which has been on consoles since 2018.

New Titles

If you want something completely new, expect for Starfield by Bethesda (hope it will be released for PC), Riders Republic by Ubisoft, and a lot of indie titles. They include a hardcore platformer Run Die Run Again (the perfect name for the entire genre), a Taiwanese scroller The Legend of Tianding, a spectacular FPS Severed Steel, a mystical romantic horror My Lovely Wife, and lots more.

The Most Anticipated Sequels

The list of sequels to be shown at E3 is long, and probably the most exciting one is Far Cry 6 – a revolution story set on a Caribbean island, starring Giancarlo Esposito. There is a lot to expect from Halo Infinite, Ghostrunner 2, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, or Shadow Warrior 3. In some franchises, there are double hits: for example, Monster Hunter fans will appreciate both Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2. Tom Clancy’s universe is ready for Rainbow Six Siege and Rainbow Six Extraction. Indie cult sequels to look forward to include Hello Neighbor 2, Life is Strange: True Colors, and Vampire the Masquerade – Swansong.

Game-worth DLC

Some games have already been available on PC for years, but their developers have something to expand the world. Marvel’s Avengers fans will be glad to see Black Panther – finally! Watch Dogs: Legion received lots of updates recently, but the one we wait for is a new story, and it’s to be announced as well. Maybe Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla will receive the long-anticipated Siege of Paris DLC. These updates are sometimes bigger than standalone titles and deserve just as much attention.

What Do You Expect the Most?

We know that the list is incomplete, and in our highlights, we might skip the title you looked forward to. What do you think will rock the loudest at E3 2021? Write your expectations in the comments. Or share this on Facebook or Twitter to get your friends to read it and respond.

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