Vice City Is the Best of the Remastered GTA Trilogy

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Nov 23, 2021
Vice City Is the Best of the Remastered GTA Trilogy

Of the three GTA games that got remastered this year, each one was a great representative of its era. But which of the Definitive Editions looks the best now as they are all equalized in terms of visuals? Experts of Digital Foundry say Vice City is the winner, but not far ahead of the rest.

While nothing has been announced (or said at all) about the potential GTA VI, Rockstar released the remastered versions of the three previous games – GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas – for PC, last-gen, and next-gen consoles. The idea was, of course, to make these games compatible with new hardware and attractive in terms of visuals while preserving the original feel. Not that it was a complete success: the PC versions were initially so glitchy that the publisher had to withdraw them from the sale (now they are well back).

No wonder the experts only rated the visuals and performance of the console versions of the games. They ran the games on Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S (PC versions for obvious reasons weren’t reviewed). It turned out that GTA: Vice City was the best in terms of both video and performance. Experts say that among all the original games, the visual style and the gameplay of Vice City are the closest to modern trends. The other two games, though, are just one step behind, as the designers did their best to make them all equally playable in 2021.

As for glitches, they appeared in console versions as well as in the PC games. Though the experts pointed out a lot of issues, Rockstar still hasn’t addressed any of them. On the other hand, they were not as fun killing as those on PC.

Have you played the remastered GTA already? Which one do you consider the best? Have you encountered any of these bugs, and were they that major? Leave a comment and share your opinion about the Definitive Edition!

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