Valorant Agents’ Ranking, Pick Your Fighter

  • Jannet Bside
  • Aug 03, 2020
Valorant Agents’ Ranking, Pick Your Fighter

Coming with the fresh updates of Valorant’s Act 2, there has been a range of new features introduced by the developers, including a new character system and a new agent. Let’s take a look at the Valorant agents ranked and see where the new one will end up. 

No. 12: Phoenix 

Phoenix is an agent that everybody loves so much due to his swift flashes that bedazzle the enemy and sometimes even the allies. Though handling his abilities might be a little complicated at first, you get instant kill sprees once you get the hang of him.   

No. 11: Reyna 

Similar to Phoenix’s, Reyna’s skills include blinding and regeneration. Perfect for fragging and finishing, the agent is a rogue shooter whose abilities may require some time to get used to.

No. 10: Raze

Players often choose her to get effortless kills with her controllable drone and a set of grenades. While the latter is easy to utilize, maneuvering the drone for spying in your Valorant PC version is not very handy when everything around is heated.

No. 9: Brimstone

Mostly played for prior map exploration and smoke-screens, Brimstone is not that hard to handle. Aiming the smoke bombs is rather easy to do, but have you ever tried to find a perfect spot with perfect timing, considering that 3-second delay? Gosh…

No. 8: Jett

If you’ve ever played Jett, you know how fascinating yet rather ineffective her abilities are. The only thing she is considered good at is creating enough clutter for her team to escape a fray.    

No. 7: Sage

Sage is probably the best Valorant agent for support, thus, a difficult-to-play character. When used nicely, here healing abilities boost the team’s overall resilience. However, she is also a huge liability – once you lose her, your team’s most likely doomed. 

No. 6: Cypher 

No matter how amusing playing Cypher is, doing it well is not a piece of cake. While you have a great array of skills to use, you have to apply most of them simultaneously to make the best out of them.

No. 5: Breach

Now that we’ve gotten to the top 5 most difficult agents, Breach should ring a bell first. His hard, smashing skills are hard to maneuver in the midst of a heated assault, making him an unstoppable yet uncontrollable force.

No. 4:  Killjoy

Close to Cypher’s abilities, Killjoy’s skills are responsible for the team’s awareness of the enemy. This way, you have to perform rather complex tasks while saving your own life.

No. 3: Viper

Few people like to choose Viper as their character because she is a little hard to use effectively. Though her toxic fumes always prove useful in combat, aiming and scoring is a hell of a ride. 

No. 2: Omen

While teleportation may seem to be a useful trick to use, performing it properly without ending up next to the enemy is a miracle. Also, Omen easily exposes himself when using smoke-screen, so you should consider it when deciding to pick him.
No. 1: Sova

When used well, Sova is the most dangerous enemy you can encounter. However, learning how to use his Owl Drone and Recon Bolt will take you a few dozens of sacrifices. 

The Harder You Grind, the Better You Play


Though some agents are more complicated than others, it might take some time to get used to them. Valorant download is worth it as it brings you to an arena unlike ever before.  

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