​​Twitter to Introduce a Special Tab for Podcasts

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Mar 10, 2022
​​Twitter to Introduce a Special Tab for Podcasts

Twitter isn’t just about short texts anymore. After the introduction of Spaces, Twitter shows its interest in podcasts. Soon, its mobile apps will feature a specially dedicated tab where you can access your favorite podcasts in one touch. This update is so far being tested, but after rolling out, it may change the way you see (or rather hear) Twitter completely.

The upcoming change was first spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi on March 5. Immediately, he posted a tweet about it, with two screenshots taken from the latest alpha version of the Twitter app for Android. This version featured even two ways to access podcasts easily, The first is the icon in the dock at the bottom that leads directly to the Podcasts tab (under construction yet). The second one is in the left menu tab, right under Spaces.

This means that Twitter relies more and more on its audio experience as well as short texts. Spaces have already established its position as a rival to Clubhouse. Now, Twitter is to make the most use of its recent acquisition. Breaker is a service for better podcast discovery, and if Twitter integrates its technology, it can become one of the major podcast carriers around.

It makes sense to expect closer integration between Breaker (or whatever it will be named under Twitter) and Spaces. The most obvious is the possibility to record Spaces sessions and publish them as podcasts. Maybe there will be some built-in basic audio editor for these purposes. Another potential direction is adding social experience to podcasts, with likes, replies, and other reactions enabled.

Would you like to have podcasts on Twitter? Do you think social interaction is the right way to build the podcast experience further? And have you ever used Spaces as a speaker or as a listener? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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