Top 15 Useful Apps for Teachers

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Apr 27, 2022
Top 15 Useful Apps for Teachers

Modern software is actively used in education and teaching. There are now many apps and platforms that help teachers conduct lessons and monitor their students’ progress. We’ve rounded up 15 excellent services you can incorporate into your workflow.

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1. Nearpod

The platform for interactive learning will help make any lessons more lively. Each student installs this app on their device, and the class completes their assignments. You can control the pace, track progress, and hand out tests.

2. Vipers

This desktop service (Windows) is also a great tool for creating interactive sessions. The library already has ready-made themes that you can demonstrate to students. They can compare completed assignments to understand where mistakes were made.

3. Attendance

Tracking attendance in all your groups is easy with the Attendance app. You can attach a photo to each student for your convenience. In addition to attending classes, you can also monitor the progress and productivity of each member.

4. ThingLink

It’s designed to create interactive pictures and allows you to study topics in more depth in the lessons. With it, you can make presentations, tours, and other dynamic educational sessions to understand complex ideas and concepts.

5. TooNoisy

It’s not an educational platform, but it can be extremely useful in classrooms. With it, you can measure the noise level. When the limit is reached, your device beeps. It allows you to maintain discipline in a classroom.

6. Answer Garden

AnswerGarden is a great tool for taking quick in-class quizzes after going through any topic. You can generate a question and send it to the right student via the app, link, or QR code.

7. Poll Everywhere

It’s another app for brainstorming in classrooms. Students can respond to you with short phrases or sentences through the app or web version. You can formulate multiple-choice questions, use graphs, LaTeX syntax, etc.

8. Slido

With this service, your students can ask you questions that interest them. Others vote for their favorite ones, and you answer the most requested and remove irrelevant ones from the queue.

9. Blurb

Blurb is a powerful photo book creation tool. You can illustrate any topic and event and add accompanying texts to pictures. You can make digital books and distribute them to students, but you can also print them if needed.

10. Book Creator

It’s another service for creating books and filling them with photos, pictures, texts, maps, and even hand-drawn images. The result can be obtained from a link, downloaded in the EPUB format, and sold in app stores.

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11. Lulu

With the Lulu app, each student can create their own book, photobook, calendar, cookbook, etc. They can upload their own manuscripts and even sell them on Amazon. Although the service is free, it takes a small percentage off if your product is successfully sold.

12. Storybird

It is a great tool to increase student engagement in the learning process. It offers many inspiring illustrations and art copies that students can use to write stories and create books.

13. WriteReader

If you’re looking for software for young writers, get WriteReader. The app reads the text you enter, so beginners know if they typed the word correctly. Teachers can add their own comments and create electronic PDF books.

14. Behavior Flip

BehaviorFlip will help you maintain discipline in a classroom if you have a lot of active students. You can track their responsibility and respect and identify patterns to make the proper conversation with them.

15. Bouncy Balls

The Bouncy Balls app is designed to keep the noise level in the auditorium to an acceptable level. When the environment is calm, the balls remain motionless. As soon as the noise increases, they begin to move, letting the students know they should calm down.

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Do you use apps and e-tools in teaching? If you have favorite services that are not on our list, please tell us about them in the comments.

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