Top-15 Eco-Friendly Apps for Everyone

  • Julia Coldlake
  • Feb 23, 2022
Top-15 Eco-Friendly Apps for Everyone

If you want to live your life in harmony with nature, you may start with your gadgets. There are multiple useful eco-friendly apps you can install on your smartphones right now. These programs were made to help users to lead a greener life.

Top 15 Apps for Green Life

Here is the list of the best apps that help you to live eco-friendlier. You may have known some of them already. If you have more apps to recommend, you can always do it in the comments below. However, if you are still new to the greenway, and you are looking for trustable options, here are the basics:

  1. Joulebug Enterprise. This app is available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms. You can join it free of charge. The app offers a wide range of challenges you can perform and gain points, including points for energy and water saving. There are tips for how to make the world around you better;
  2. Refresh Go Green. This Australian app will teach you how to live a sustainable life. It offers a specific program for the eco-friendly community with 52 steps to perform;
  3. Sustainability Aware. This is a splendid program for children of 8 and 12 years. They will receive educational information about the world we live in. The app suggests the best way to be eco-friendly from a childhood;
  4. NoWaste. This is the UK app that offers to track the food that you have in your house. You will be able to significantly reduce the waste and probably save money on extra food you don’t need;
  5. Olio. This app is also devoted to the food you can’t eat. If you understand that some food will be wasted since you can’t eat it, connect people that need this food via the app. You can share it with those who really need your food;
  6. Karma. This app informs you about the leftovers from top restaurants and cafes that will be thrown away at the end of the day. You can buy them for half of the price and save the world at the same time;
  7. Happy Cow. This app is great for vegetarians or people who just decided to refuse meat consumption. Download Happy Cow to always find the restaurants and cafes nearby with vegetarian meals;
  8. Good on You. If you want to find out everything about the fashion brands you consider buying clothes from, use this app. It provides information on their policy about animals and the planet. Waste of fabric is also one of the major concerns of the app;
  9. reGain. Stop throwing away the clothes you outgrow or don’t like anymore. You can use this app to donate clothing;
  10. For Good. This app helps you to understand the footprint you are leaving on the ecology. You have to track your daily activity and share it with the app. In return, it provides you the amount of CO2 emission you leave and how to improve the situation;
  11. TreeApp. This app is the perfect way to make the planet better. You can easily plant the tree with a few taps on your screen. You have to download the app and click it to plant the tree across the world;
  12. Oroeco. This is also a carbon calculator. It allows you to reduce the harmful emissions you provide by your daily activity. Apart from that, you may save your money by following the app’s wise tips;
  13. Good Guide. The app offers you an extended database of more than 75 000 products you can buy based on their eco-friendliness and ethics. You will quickly receive details by scanning the barcode;
  14. BlaBlaCar. You may have this app on your phone downloaded already. It helps to stop carbon emissions, while you are sharing cars with each other;
  15. Ecosia. This app helps to plant trees while you are using it. You can download it on your phone or desktop. While you search, it plants trees. There are 92 million trees planted by Ecosia users already.

Take Care of Our World

If you want to keep this planet safe you have to start with yourself. Download these simple apps and follow their recommendations. You will significantly improve your life in no time. If you have more suggestions, express them in the comments. Which apps do you use already?

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