The Best Games of 2020 ā€” Must-Tries Before December

  • Julia Coldlake
  • Sep 10, 2020
The Best Games of 2020 ā€” Must-Tries Before December

2020 ends in a few months. This year will be remembered for many reasons. And hopefully, a constellation of amazing games is one of them. We’ve prepared the 10 best games of the year released so far that you should try before it ends.

Valorant — Move over, Overwatch

Valorant is a peculiar beast: a tactical shooter, in which you can employ special abilities. It’s a competitive online title produced by Riot Games — people responsible for LoL. And since its release, Valorant has been getting new fans and updates almost daily.

Ghost of Tsushima — A samurai never dies

What to do in 13th-century Kamakura Japan? Apart from listening to stories about the Gempei war, you can also try to survive a massive invasion. Set in a hypnotic open world, Ghost of Tsushima mixes realism with electrifying katana action. One of the best PC games of the year. No denial.

Last of Us Pt. II — I’ll kill my enemies…

In the long anticipated sequel, we learn a lot of new details on Ellie and her role in all that Dawn of the Dead insanity. Superb animation, crazily detailed levels and addictive combat — the sequel holds down the fort.

XCOM: Chimera Squad — Reptiloid commandos

The freshest entry on the legendary series, Chimera Squad challenges you to lead a human-&-alien task force. Do you think you can identify the mysterious forces that cause unrest in the City 31? Try this tactical adventure and see!

Half-Life Alyx — Rebel’s heart

Another classic franchise risen from the ashes. This time it’s a VR title with ridiculously believable visuals. If you’ve ever wondered what it’d feel like to teleport to the Half-Life’s universe, this game is your golden ticket. Full immersion guaranteed. One of the best video games of 2020 so far.

Journey to The Savage Planet — Pop-eyed bedlam

What if you take alien planet exploration, mix it with friendly cartoon visuals and invite some loony pop-eyed critters? Well, it will be one bizarre reconnaissance mission. An ill-mannered companion bot and numerous quests are also on the menu.

Paper Mario: The Origami King — Paper shrooms & paper Bowser

Our tireless Italian plumber travels to a dimension where everything is made of colored construction paper. New characters and sidekicks, combat mechanics and a tablespoon of strategy put in the gameplay’s recipe — The Origami King is the year’s best Mario game.

Minecraft Dungeons — Draw your cuboid sword!

This is a new take on Minecraft. The same pixilated aesthetics mixed with the hack-n-slash action and isometric view. Pillagers, vindicators, necromancers…. They all wait to get a taste of your blade.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons — Cuteness always wins

Planting turnips and sunflowers, catching salmon and making deals with raccoons… New Horizons is that soothing and charmingly friendly game that people need these days. To get a sip of carefree life.

Dreams — Ride a puppy dragon

Dreams is another cutesy title that is here to make the gloom disperse. Friendly big-eyed critters partake in hundreds of adventures and make you giggle with their silly escapades.

Dreams offers game-design tools like Roblox. So, if you have a good idea about how the next adventure of the lovely kittens and puppies should look like, go for it.

Don’t Complain, Just Play


This year of turmoil will end in 4 months. And until it becomes merely an unpleasant memory, you can sweeten some of its time with the games from our list. Enjoy!

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