Super Mario Bros. Copy Sold for $2 Million

  • Julia Coldlake
  • Aug 09, 2021
Super Mario Bros. Copy Sold for $2 Million

It seems that everyone will now wish they had a copy of this famous game in their house. The sealed copy of the famous Super Mario Bros. Game created for NES has broken the record, as it was sold for $2 million. As of today, this is the highest price that has been paid for a video game ever.

Before this sale, the title of the record-breaker belonged to an unopened copy of Super Mario 64. It was sold only a month ago at Heritage Auctions for $1.56 million, so it seems that Mario games are the most expensive ones so far. According to the Wata scale, which grades the state of rare video games, the copy of Super Mario Bros has received a 9.8 A+. It means that it has been kept in an almost perfect condition, which is quite impressive considering how much time has passed.

Another interesting thing about the entire auction is that it has been sold using the Rally platform. The service works in such a way that when anyone wants to buy a product listed on the site, all people who own a portion of this item have to vote. There has been a rejection of the $300,000 offer by investors before the game was sold for its final price of $2 million. What is surprising is that a quarter of investors rejected the $2 million offer, so the decision to sell the game wasn’t unanimous.

When it comes to the history of Super Mario Bros., the game was released for NES in 1985. There have been millions of copies of the game sold, but the unopened one in a great condition is a rarity, as the game was often sold along with the console. It’s not just the Mario games that were sold for extreme prices. Just recently, a copy of The Legend of Zelda was sold for $870,000.

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