Shapeshifter Role Coming to Among Us: Developers Share Some Details

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Nov 02, 2021
Shapeshifter Role Coming to Among Us: Developers Share Some Details

Among Us is one of the most popular games of the moment, and its developers continue to add new features to keep fans interested. This time, InnerSloth revealed that they developed the Shapeshifter role that players can use as part of their strategies. When you play as the Imposter, the Shapeshifter function will allow you to look like a Crewmate for some time. The new role will work only in the case that Crewmates don’t notice the transformation.

The new ability will certainly be useful during the game, even though it will be activated only for a limited time. Since the announcement made by Among Us, the company received many questions from players regarding how they would be able to tell if an Imposter in the game used this feature. According to the developers, there will be some signs to look for that Shapeshifters leave after they transform. Innersloth provided screenshots from the game on their Twitter page, but right now we don’t know how long the indication that someone transformed will be visible on the screen.

Players can change Shapeshifter settings in the lobby before the actual game starts. Also, the pre-game lobby allows users to alter whether there will be any transformation evidence left and the Shapeshift duration. When you play as Impostor, you will be able to copy the appearance of any member of the Crew. Your goal is to make sure that the process goes unnoticed, as there is no point in this feature if others see what you are doing.

The developers prepared other roles for Among Us, but they will be exclusive to Crewmates. The Shapeshifter feature is teased to become available soon, but there is no definite release date right now.

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