Rumors Suggest that GTA 6 Faced Development Restart in 2020

  • Nelly Jackson
  • Nov 04, 2021
Rumors Suggest that GTA 6 Faced Development Restart in 2020

Fans of the game series have been waiting for Grand Theft Auto 6 for a while now, but there have been plenty of challenges associated with its development. New information has been leaked suggesting that the video game creator, Rockstar Games, completely restarted the development process last year.

One of the reasons for such a decision was the fact that Dan Houser, the GTA franchise writer and co-founder of Rockstar Studios, left the company. In 2020, there have been various rumors and speculations regarding this departure, but the studio hasn’t provided any information on the topic. What is more, the company hasn’t provided details on when to expect the new installment in the GTA series. While the new title is under development, no official announcement has been made.

Grand Theft Auto 6 has been a long-awaited title, to say the least. The previous game in the series was released in 2013, so this time gap between releases has been the longest one yet. The leaked information hints that the company has experienced plenty of internal challenges when working on GTA 6. The topic of GTA 6 has come up again because of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy remaster, so it’s only natural that fans began to wonder whether they will ever see a new game. Based on the currently available rumors, it seems that players will still have to wait a long time before they will be able to play a newly created GTA game.

It’s obvious that the departure of Dan Houser has seriously affected the entire development process. It may take a while for the company to find its footing again regarding the GTA series and how to progress the game in a way that would make sense.

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