Recent Nintendo Gigaleak Files: What you need to know

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Jul 21, 2021
Recent Nintendo Gigaleak Files: What you need to know

In March 2018, a data leak occurred at the Japanese electronic and video game company Nintendo, this was the first in a series of data leaks which would become known as the “Gigaleak” due to the amount of data and the sheer size of the files (about 3 gigabytes) which were leaked online. The leaked data was posted on the anonymous image board website 4chan.

It is suspected that these leaks have occurred due to targeted hacks by hackers who were previously convicted of hacking into the Nintendo system. Most people online also suspect the companies which were contracted to design the consoles for Nintendo.

Recently another Data leak occurred. The Data leak which occurred in July 2021 has revealed some new and interesting information, including some files which has sent gamers into speculation. These files have given some insight into the early prototypes of the Wii remote, revealing various designs, and they also revealed concept images for Mii (a customizable avatar).

It is interesting to note that they look nothing like the final product that was released. The first round of leaks included the source codes for a couple of games and some development repositories. The next round included additional information on Nintendo games: a Lost Animal Crossing Villager and the new design for the character Mario from the classic game Super Mario World.

And that was not the end of the seemingly unending series of leaks. More leaks were released online, and they included some interesting information about the GameCube and WiiEras.

This is all the information currently available as regards the Gigaleak. We are sure more information will be revealed in the coming days as people extract more content from the leaked files.

So what are your thoughts on the Gigaleak? What do you think of the wii remote design? Would you have liked the design switch for the Mii? Please let us know in the comments below!

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