PUBG Global Championship 2021 Winners Named

  • Julia Coldlake
  • Dec 24, 2021
PUBG Global Championship 2021 Winners Named

PUBG has long become an international esports standard, being probably the leanest and meanest of Battle Royale games in its league. This year, it held lots of contests all around the world, but there is only one Global Championship. And now Krafton, the official publisher of PUNG, has published the results of it.

The event took roughly a month, from November 19 to December 19, and was hosted in South Korea, which is no wonder. Krafton may be partially owned by Tencent, but it’s logically operating in South Korea, home to so many iconic video games. The Championship is officially over, and the host has detected the best ones.

And this turned out to be NewHappy. An esports organization from Mainland China has already proved itself a serious competitor, confirming its status once again this year and winning about $1.3M. The silver prize ($666K) went to Heroic, a team from the EU, and a Russian team named Virtus.Pro won the bronze ($345K). The overall number of competing teams was 32, and after the series of Rank Decision matches, the teams progressed on in Weekly Survival matches, up to the final game.

The prizes were quite high, even given the status of the event, and this is mostly due to the players’ response to it. The overall prize pool made about $4.3M, though initially, it was only $2M. The increase could happen due to the interest players expressed during the event, purchasing items exclusive for PGC 2021 Pick’em Challenge.

Next year, Krafton plans to repeat the Global Championship. It also plans to revive the PUBG Nations Cup that was dropped recently but turned out to be strongly expected back. There will also be two RPUG Continental Series throughout 2022.

Are you a PUBG player? Maybe a fan of NewHappy or some other team that participated? Do you see PUBG as the greatest eSports discipline among Battle Royale games, or are there better candidates? Let’s discuss it in the comments!

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