Premium Twitter Users Will Soon Be Able to Edit Posts

  • Jannet Bside
  • Apr 18, 2022
Premium Twitter Users Will Soon Be Able to Edit Posts

The editing option is one of the most requested ones on Twitter. There are many speculations associated with it. Although in 2020, officials categorically stated that they were not going to add the opportunity to modify tweets, in early April, it became known that the developers were working on it. The official April 1st tweet turned out to be no joke, and now some app researchers are showing it off to their followers.

At first, this tool was seen in the service’s web version, but it will most likely be available on mobile devices as well. Perhaps, premium subscribers will be the first to get access to it. The blogger Alessandro Paluzzi was the first one who talked about the possibility of editing. He shared screenshots that show that the tool will appear in the menu under the button with three dots. There are currently no time limits for editing.

Another well-known blogger, Nima Owji, said that users do not have the opportunity to change the audience settings when modifying the original text. It is preliminary data regarding the long-awaited feature. It will likely undergo certain changes by the time of launch. And so far, there is no exact information about the day when it will become available on Twitter Blue.

Recall that Elon Musk made a lot of noise by purchasing the largest stake, refusing to participate in the board of directors, and offering to buy out the company for $43 billion completely. He also published a survey on his page where he asked users if they needed an edit button. While more than 73% voted in favor, Twitter officials said their work on the feature had nothing to do with Musk.

The button for tweets editing will instantly reduce their weight as historical statements by prominent figures and politicians. Do you think it is worth adding this tool to the application?

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