No More Heroes 1 & 2 to Be Released on PC

  • Julia Coldlake
  • Jun 07, 2021
No More Heroes 1 & 2 to Be Released on PC

The cult hack-and-slash dilogy No More Heroes is soon to become a trilogy. But if you have missed the first two installments because you never owned a Nintendo console, here is the chance to catch up. The two cult games are to be finally released on PC in June 2021. So if you like it hard and bloody, there is something raw for your pleasure.

The ironic postmodernist story of a gamer named Travis who suddenly gets a beam katana and then has to apply his gaming skills in real life was released in 2007 for Nintendo Wii. It was successful enough to get a sequel in 2010, though the numbers may seem unimpressive by 2021’s standards. The reason may be the relatively underground reception of Nintendo consoles. The sales got better when the dilogy was re-released on Nintendo Switch, though. And now it’s time

Along with PC release, the dilogy will be available on Amazon Luna, a cloud gaming service that only has launched recently in early access. So, if you want to play these cult slashers, you better get your local PC versions. After that you can refresh your experience with an even more postmodernist pastiche Travis Strikes Again, which has been available on PC since its release in 2019, and then wait for No More Heroes III.

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