More Reactions on WhatsApp Web

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Feb 28, 2022
More Reactions on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp messenger is working hard to provide new features to the platform. The Meta-owned company is busy creating new reactions for users. You will be able to add them to your conversation with friends.

While you can use almost any texting app to send emoji as a reaction to someone’s message, WhatsApp is trying to provide unique opportunities to you. Literally, you may send new emojis from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Slack. This is a pretty competitive market. WhatsApp keeps its leading position among these networks with its extended set of reactions. Still, there is a breach with the functionality it tries to cover. Message reactions were updated and already leaked around the Internet so users could check out how they look on smartphones. Now it is a turn for the desktop version.

Well-known WhatsApp analyst group WABetaInfo revealed the message reactions they have found for the desktop. They were able to reach only 6 new emojis that can be used as reactions. The number of emojis that can be used for reactions on Facebook and Instagram is unlimited. Perhaps, WhatsApp will provide more opportunities in the future. For now, you can react to the message by hovering over it using the cursor. There will be a reaction button at the side. Click it and you will see the emojis above the message. Choose the emoji you want to send.

Meanwhile, you have to understand that the feature is currently in the works. You will not see this option in the beta version for now. Yet, since the company is working on the new features for quite some time, we hope they become available soon. Apart from emoji reactions, the WhatsApp team is busy with the WhatsApp Communities new feature, a new interface for voice calls, updated media picker.

Which feature is your favorite on WhatsApp? Do you want to react to messages with emojis? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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