Meta Performance Results 2021: Revenue Growing, Users Quitting

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Feb 07, 2022
Meta Performance Results 2021: Revenue Growing, Users Quitting

On February 2, Meta published its final revenue report showing its dynamics in Q4 2021 and in the entire year. While the future seems mostly bright for the meta company, there are some clouds on it, too, and these are not the clouds you’re thinking of.

One of the best results Meta highlights is the growth of monthly active users. Users are the main driver of Facebook, all the other activities being secondary, no matter how profitable they are. So, in Q4 there was a growth in monthly active users in 2 million over Q3. Good? Maybe so. On the other hand, it’s the slowest growth in monthly users Facebook has ever shown.

When it comes to daily active users, it’s way more concerning. For the first time in its history, again, Facebook experiences this sort of decline. In Q4, the number of daily active users declined, losing about one million after Q3. And it’s a more serious loss than it may seem. Though the number of still-active daily users is impressive – 1,929M, it’s declining for the first time ever.

What’s the reason for this decline? It’s not clear yet; maybe it’s the aggressive rivalry with TikTok which offers more attractive content for the younger part of the audience. Maybe it’s Facebook’s policy that protects users from themselves when they let an unrecommended word slip. It is indirectly confirmed by the fact that the family of Meta apps (that includes also Instagram and WhatsApp) showed solid growth in 10 million users during the same period. As for its quarterly revenue, it made about $33.6 billion, which is impressive, to say the least.

Do you use Facebook now more often than earlier, or on the contrary? Did its policy ever frustrate you? Were there any other reasons for you to use it less actively? Did other social media distract you, or do you just want less Facebook in your life? Share with us what you think about it!

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