Let’s Take a Look at This Year’s GOTY Awards

  • Nelly Jackson
  • Jan 14, 2022
Let’s Take a Look at This Year’s GOTY Awards

Everyone kept a close eye on the Game Awards that were announced last month, and those who managed to stay awake for the whole show could’ve seen where the prizes went to. Three and a half hours of the stream had tons of ads and some interesting reveals, and frankly, it was quite easy to miss how the awards were handed. But worry not, the most important one – the Game Of The Year – had enough time to shine.

This year It Takes Two was rewarded the award of the best game. The co-op game brought new excitement to the genre. Keep your attention, as the GOTY awards for 2021 are also on their way. Hazelight Studios’ game surprised a lot of viewers by getting a bunch of the prizes besides the GOTY award.

The studio thanked its fans and judges of the show on Twitter for receiving so much attention and love from the community. As of now, It Takes Two has gotten 69 GOTY awards in different areas. It is a big number for a game, but what is more interesting is who stands in second place.

Resident Evil Village takes second place at the GOTY awards with 49 nominations. Although, a lot of people mentioned that there were other contestants that deserved the spotlight like Deathloop, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Metroid Dread. These three are currently in the top ten, but their chances of passing RE: Village are almost zero.

It Takes Two is still awaiting the final results, and 69 awards are probably not the end. A lot of comments say that the number will likely pass the three figures. Unfortunately, the game probably won’t be beating the record of the last GOTY awards of 2020, as there stands The Last Of Us Part 2 with 317 GOTY awards. There are still a lot of prizes to catch, and we will be waiting for the final results.

How many awards do you think It Takes Two will receive? What other games deserve the spotlight? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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