Instagram Update Added a Bunch of Cool Features

  • Nelly Jackson
  • Apr 04, 2022
Instagram Update Added a Bunch of Cool Features

Last week, on their blog, Meta representatives talked about the latest innovations on Instagram. New features primarily relate to the process of messaging and sharing with friends and subscribers. If you’ve been emailed while viewing feeds, you don’t have to open the inbox tab to reply now. You can type your answer in the popup line and return to the feeds view. It is very convenient because this way you will definitely not lose the place where you left off.

The developers have also improved the mechanics of sharing the content you like with friends. If earlier for it, you had to tap the button with a paper airplane and choose a recipient, now you can hold this icon, and a list of the closest people will pop up next to you. You can also always find out which of your friends are online right now. A line with avatars and green activity indicators appeared in the direct messages section.

Message threads also received some handy new features. If you like to change chat themes, then with this update, you will get more lo-fi shades to create a peaceful mood. You can now create polls in group chats, just like in the Messenger app. Besides, it became possible to send “muted” messages using the @silent tag. If you specify it in your text, recipients will not get an incoming email notification on their smartphones. This tool can be used to send messages at night or during the day when you know your friend is busy.

The integration of Instagram with Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music deserves special attention. If you use any of the listed services, you can share short pieces of the track you like in chats with your friends. Recipients will be able to listen to it right on the spot and, if desired, go to the main platform.

These updates are already available in some countries. Have you been able to try them out? If yes, what features did you like the most?

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