How to Sort Your YouTube Subscriptions by Category

  • Julia Coldlake
  • Mar 12, 2022
How to Sort Your YouTube Subscriptions by Category

If you see an interesting channel on YouTube, you want to subscribe and click the button. The more channels you like, the more subscription you collect, and one day it gets hard to handle them. Alas, YouTube doesn’t offer a native way to sort them. Extensions hurry to the rescue: with PocketTube, you can keep your subscriptions in order.

Why Organize Subscriptions?

If you only watch a dozen channels, you can handle them in the general list, as it’s easy to access any of them and see new videos that appear on them. But as the number of your subscription grows, so does the need for order. Alas, there is no native utility for managing the subscriptions, as YouTube ditched it in 2015 and didn’t offer anything instead.

Luckily, any decent browser today supports extensions that completely reshape the interface of a site. For YouTube, the most obvious choice is PocketTube. With this extension, you can sort your subscriptions into categories and view each of them separately.

How to use PocketTube

First of all, you need to install the PocketTube extension for your browser. Because it’s available for various browsers on different extension stores, we can only give you the most general instructions: 

  1.     open the extension store for your browser
  2.     find “PocketTube”
  3.     install it as it’s done for your browser.

When you have the extension installed, you need to refresh your YouTube tab to start working. TO start organizing your subscriptions, do the following:

  1.     In the refreshed tab, find the “Subscription Groups“ section;
  2.     To create a group, type on the header of the section;
  3.     On the page that opens, click the “Create New Group” button to create a new group;
  4.     Create as many groups as you need. You may return to this menu later to create more;
  5.     Click the number of channels at the group’s name to add channels from the subscription list;
  6.     Mark the channels you want to add to this group;
  7.     Repeat for all the groups where you want to add channels;
  8.     Leave this tab and return to the main page.

After that, the categories you have created will display in the left sidebar. Each time you open YouTube, the extension will also show how many new videos there are in each of these categories. For each group, you can set up notifications separately. To make sorting easier, the extension uses the most popular tags to help you sort channels by content. Instead of creating categories coinciding with them, you can just use these tags.

PocketTube FAQ

As easy as it seems to use PocketTube, there are still questions to be answered. Here are the most popular of them.

  •       Is there PocketTube for Safari?
  •       Yes, there are versions for Chrome and other browsers based on Chromium engine, as well as for Firefox, Opera, and Safari. In fact, for any popular browser.


  •       Does PocketTube sync across various browsers?
  •       It can be linked to your Google account. Then you can manually create a backup on your Google Drive and manually restore it on another computer. To do so, click the extension icon in your browser, go to the Backup tab in the dropdown menu, and click “Enable” under “Sync Data with Google Drive”. We have checked whether it works across Chrome, Safari, and Edge, and it worked perfectly. In addition, you can create a backup file manually and import it on another PC or Mac. 


  •       Is there a mobile version of PocketTube?
  •       Yes, there is an app on App Store and Google Play. Though it works as a standalone app, it does its job of sorting your YouTube subscriptions and fits into your YouTube.

Keep YouTube in Order!

With PocketTube, your subscriptions finally become usable. It’s a question why YouTube hasn’t offered such a tool by default, but this extension is a great workaround. If you have already tried PocketTube, how did you like it? Did it become easier to find new videos and track your favorite channels? Share your impressions with us in the comments!

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