How to Drop and Share a Pin in Google Maps

  • Nelly Jackson
  • Feb 14, 2022
How to Drop and Share a Pin in Google Maps

How do you share a location the easiest way? An exact pinned point on a map will do the job the easiest way. And Google Maps, like the navigation app of choice, is the best way to share it with anyone and be sure they will read it right. If you want to know the way to drop a pin at a certain spot on the map and share it, this is a brief instruction on how.

Pins on the Map

In old times you would have a large paper map on the wall of your room (maybe you have now, but it’s rather a design element). And actual pins with colored heads would mark spots that matter. As the situation changes (the war unfolds, or your business expands, or you just make new friends), you relocate the pins, add some, or remove some.

These pins turned out to be a great idea for digital maps as well. Google Maps lets its users drop pins anywhere and treat these pins like any other object (a bookmark would be the closest analog). You can save or tag these pins, choose colors for them, and add captions to explain why these pins matter. And if the spot has no street address or it’s recognized incorrectly, a pin is the only way to save or share it. So, this is how you work with pins.

How to Share Your Current Location

It’s the easiest when you want to share your current location. As you launch Google Maps on your mobile device, the app automatically detects your location as it has access to the system location services. Even if your device does not have GPS or other satellite receivers, it can detect the location using the cellular signal and the Wi-Fi networks.

So, do the following:

  1.   Launch Google Maps;
  2.   Find the blue dot in the center of a bluish circle that marks your location;
  3.   Long-tap it to drop a pin;
  4.   Tap this pin;
  5.   In the pop-up window find the “Share” option in the carousel above the address;
  6.   Allow Google Maps to access your Contacts if not yet;
  7.   Choose the app and the recipient.

It makes sense if you want to share this particular location, not your path as you’re moving.

How to Drop Pins and Share Any Location

Google Maps allows for more, though: you can drop a pin anywhere on the map and save or share the location you choose. To do it, you can do the following:

  1.   Launch Google Maps;
  2.   Enter the address you want or zoom and scroll to find the spot;
  3.   Zoom in with two fingers to drop the pin more precisely;
  4.   Long-tap the spot to drop the pin where you want it;
  5.   Check if the location is correct; if not, long-tap the correct one. The mistaken pin will disappear.
  6.   When you find the exact spot, save the pin in the menu at the bottom of the app. Choose the list to add it to, or create a new one and select the icon for it.
  7.   When the pin is saved, tap the Share button at the bottom of the card that opens.

Indeed, you don’t have to save a pin to share it. If this spot will not matter for you in the future, you can skip line 6 and share it without saving. The app allows for that. But having a library of pins will make your traveling life easier.

How Does the Pin Open?

When you receive a pin, it looks like a shortened URL on, with coordinates shown as numbers. As you tap the link, your Google Maps app launches automatically and shows you the region around the pin, with the pin itself. The card of the pin is also shown on the screen.

And what if you don’t have the app installed? No problem. Still tap or click the link if you open it from your PC or Mac. The link will open in your web browser showing you the same region, the pin on it, and the card of the pinned object. It’s slightly less usable on mobiles, but it makes sharing pins through Google Maps a versatile method.

Let’s Not Get Lost, Let’s Not Get Lost

On our road-tripping, Google Maps has all it takes to become one of your favorite allies. Did you know how much stronger a tool it became with updated pins? Do you often share locations with Google Maps? Or do you know any alternatives to share any location in any messenger or other app? Let’s share our experience in the comments below.

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