How GTA V Looks on a Game Boy Console

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Jan 28, 2022
How GTA V Looks on a Game Boy Console

It looks fantastic to see this very old console more capable than one might think. Or Grand Theft Auto V is more flexible and less demanding than… No matter what, just witness it and wonder: GTA V is running on that very Game Boy. This fantastic and anachronistic sight makes you wonder whether you are okay.

The miracle maker’s name is Sebastian Staacks, and he gladly shares videos when he runs one of the most impressive role-playing games of the 2010s on the device that started selling in 1989. The screen is not optimized to show the full visual grandeur, but even in monochrome, the game looks very recognizable.

Learning the truth, though, feels like unmasking the Wizard of Oz. But when you take your green glasses off and see how the miracle is made, you still admire the wizardry of the manipulations. The same happens here: it’s not the Game Boy that actually runs the game (and no wonder, given its 1980s’ performance). The trickster equipped it with a DIY Wi-Fi cartridge and actually used it as just a gamepad and a screen for his Sony PlayStation that actually ran the heavy game.

Still, the mission was not to run the game on a device incapable of that. The mission was to see how it impresses the others, to make an unrealistic picture, to see how miracles are possible nowadays. Yes, it is one.

In the video, Sebastian Staacks admits some flaws that his impressive work has. For example, the Wi-Fi cartridge he designed does not support audio streaming. This has to be fixed in the next versions. The controls of Game Boy might be not the best option for modern games; this is also a bit of a task. Still, Staacks feels optimistic and confident.

What did you feel when you first saw this video? Did it feel impossible, miraculous, festive? Have you ever had an original Game Boy, and if so, how did it feel back then? Let’s share our nostalgic stories in the comments!

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