GTA San Andreas Improved by a Modder Finally Looks Fine

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Nov 29, 2021
GTA San Andreas Improved by a Modder Finally Looks Fine

No doubt the original GTA Trilogy games were meant to benefit from a good remaster. But what about remastering the updated version as soon as it’s out? No es problema, says Project Texture Overhaul and makes San Andreas look even better than better. And their take on the classical game is worth a look.

Project Texture Overhaul (or rather some nigeez that stands behind this name) is sure the game requires further improvements. Among all the textures featured in the game, PTO focuses on the most widely used ones that catch the player’s eye the most frequently. Improving these, they say, will make the overall impression of the game much more favorable.

The modder pays the most attention to generic textures, like sand, rock, concrete, asphalt, mud, and so on. For example, the main roads of San Andreas are looking fantastically better in up to 4K. San Fierro and Los Santos can now boast renovated pavements and tiling.

What’s the reason behind improving what has just been improved? It may be the result of disappointment. Many, many players were less than dissatisfied with the remastered games, and Rockstar Games even withdrew them to fix the most annoying bugs (though not all of them). In addition, the series has a long-running tradition of modding, so seasoned players will see nothing new in what nigeez does, despite all appreciation.

In this situation, it’s hard to console the console players. The rich modding tradition only affects the PC versions of GTA games, and nigeez just follows the case again. It seems that PC enthusiasts will get more satisfaction from the modded GTA Trilogy than console aficionados.

Have you already played the remastered games? Or run into any of its infamous bugs? Do you like the difference that PTO makes with its textures? It’s a good moment to discuss it here in the comments!

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