GTA Online Features an Expansion Telling Franklin’s Story

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Dec 13, 2021
GTA Online Features an Expansion Telling Franklin’s Story

While Rockstar does its best to ignore all the questions about the possible GTA VI, it doesn’t leave GTA V (and GTA Online) alone even seven years after the release. On December 15, the day after tomorrow, GTA Online receives a new update which is remarkable in at least two aspects. First, it brings story elements instead of simply money or items to win. Second, an iconic musician is back.

The protagonist of the expansion is Franklin from the main storyline. Years later, he runs a “celebrity solution agency” which deals with sort of problems that celebrities don’t want to make public. Don’t expect them to be legal forever, of course. This time Franklin is a complete NPC, and your character meets him to get assigned a new business.

The same is with Dr. Dre. No typo: the famous rapper, producer, and the founder of Beats is here in the game as a character. He has lost his smartphone full of unreleased tracks, and you need to find it and return to the owner before the tracks leak. In real life, fans would not approve of this, as Mr. Andre Young has been teasing them for too long by announcing records that have never been released (like the infamous Detox). In the game, though, everyone playing GTA Online will have an opportunity to listen to them officially.

The trailer releases how musical the expansion will be. Along with Dre himself, there is Anderson. Paak and Snoop Dogg (heard but not seen… yet). The game will also receive a new radio station and a bunch of unreleased tracks by Dr. Dre and other musicians. But it’s not only the story and the music. There will be new weapons, new cars, and new hit contracts (in both meanings).

Are you expecting it already? Or do you condemn Rockstar for investing in DLC instead of making GTA VI? So, put your Beats on, listen to the soundtrack of the trailer again, and leave us a comment about what you think.

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