Google Workspace Admins Can Remotely Update Employee Apps

  • Julia Coldlake
  • Apr 25, 2022
Google Workspace Admins Can Remotely Update Employee Apps

The latest update to Google Workspace has made it easier for administrators to control employees’ Android devices. Now they will be able to manage updates to all system products like Docs, Sheets, and Slides and choose whether new versions are installed immediately or after some time. It gives companies more control over how and when updates are deployed to work devices. Moreover, different settings can be applied at the group level and not for absolutely all employees.

As a reminder, in the past, the app update launch depended on a Wi-Fi connection, as well as how high the battery level was. According to Google, this approach was not suitable for everyone, so the developers decided to expand the possibilities of administrative control. Companies now have several settings and criteria at their disposal, based on which all subsequent updates of installed applications will be carried out.

If you pick a high-priority scenario, new versions will be installed as soon as they are released. In this case, it will happen if a smartphone or tablet is on cellular power and not connected to Wi-Fi, and even if the owner of a device actively uses one of the services. In cases where the Android gadget is offline, new versions will be installed right after reconnecting to the network. The delayed mode allows you to postpone product updates for three months.

The developers began rolling out these new customizations on April 21st, and it will take approximately two weeks to complete. So if you don’t see them right now, you may need to wait a bit. The new settings will be available as part of the premium Education, Business, G Suite, and Enterprise editions. Is this update useful for your company? If you have already tried it, please share your thoughts.

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