Google Play Fights Illegal Data Collection

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Apr 11, 2022
Google Play Fights Illegal Data Collection

Not so long ago, Google, in its app store, carried out a massive cleaning of products that secretly collected user information: from their location to email addresses and phone numbers. Of course, according to the company's privacy policy, such actions are prohibited, and therefore it constantly monitors the situation and gets rid of applications that violate the rules.


It is known that some time ago, Google had already removed six services that were affected by Sharkbot (special malware aimed at stealing banking data). All of them were presented as antivirus solutions for mobile devices and were distributed in the UK and Italy. Unfortunately, by the time the company discovered the violation, these applications had already been downloaded 15000+ times, which means they had caused quite a lot of damage to users.


Among those products that were removed from Play Store during the last session, the BBC, in its report, named a QR scanner, an application with Muslim prayers, and a weather forecast service. As expected, all of them contained part of the malicious code responsible for the hidden data collection. This time, all these applications together were installed more than 10 million times by users from different countries.


A Google representative once again drew the attention of developers to the need to comply with the privacy policy. If a product misleads users, aims for misuse, and abuses people's trust, the company takes drastic action and removes it from its digital store. To prevent this from happening, developers should be as honest as possible with users and inform them of all the information that their applications may collect.


Have you encountered malware on mobile devices? Do you always read the privacy policy before installing a new app?

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