Ghost of Tsushima vs. Sekiro — Shinobi & Samurai Biff

  • Nelly Jackson
  • Aug 13, 2020
Ghost of Tsushima vs. Sekiro — Shinobi & Samurai Biff

The two biggest samurai games — Sekiro and Tsushima — premiered not too long ago. But they already have divided fans of medieval Japan into two camps, who verbally draw blood on Reddit trying to figure out: which game’s actually better? 



Both games present a simple philosophy: live Hakagure, die Hakagure. That means, a true warrior is ready to accept death at any moment. Even during a medieval tooth-brushing routine.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice seems to be more intuitive and graspable. We have a talkative main hero Wolf, whose comments, musings and readiness to parlay with bosses like Lady Butterfly or Genichiro, before slashing them like ripe watermelons, explain a lot.

Tsushima presents its narrative through a different lens. There’s more emotion and rough realism in its story. It can be very touching at times, pushing your inner buttons. But to an extent, it feels closefisted when unveiling the game’s plot.

Winner: Sekiro


In this round of Sekiro vs. Ghost of Tsushima feud, both games go neck-and-neck. Sekiro provides an enjoyable concept of godlike weapon. Your sword is seen as a devastating life-taker that kills in a single blow. You maneuver mostly to evade counter-attacks.

Sekiro’s world doesn’t provide much freedom, though. Every level carefully guides you to your destiny. Although you’re privileged to experiment with different strategies, shortcuts and tricks to achieve your goals. 

As for Tsushima, here you must chip the opponent’s health bit by bit. (Like in Assassin’s Creed series). You’re forced to be tactical with your stances and smoke bombs to breach enemy’s defenses, which at times may get exhausting.

But Tsushima’s open world is way more hospital for explorers. Random quests, enemy bivouacs to assault and intriguing side characters — it’s all there to try.  

As for co-op. Tsushima is getting a free multiplayer soon. There will be four legendary classes — Ronin, Samurai, Hunter, Assassin — with unique skills. And Sekiro has only an unofficial co-op mode inspired by Dark Souls.

Winner: Tie



Here, both games share similarities: a single weapon set, points to invest and unlockable stances. 

Sekiro can boast of a vast skill arsenal that you can tailor to your taste. Depending on your vision, you can yield disastrous damage or get a handsome HP bonus. Or even balance both.

Tsushima, in turn, is a customization wonder. You can upgrade your arsenal to a monster level by scavenging for resources, get a more fashionable saddle, earn Technique points to obtain rare skills and even get a glamorous headband. In this round of Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima duel, the latter certainly prevails.

Winner: Ghost of Tsushima  


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice vs. Ghost of Tsushima are a tough competition. Both are visually gorgeous. Both are amazingly authentic. They take you to historically different epochs and tell you stories of different warrior classes. 

If you long for brutal honesty, Shinobi aesthetics and quick sword fights — Sekiro is your call. If Samurai death infatuation, hectic fencing and medieval open world are more of your taste — Ghost of Tsushima is there for you.

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