Genshin Impact Update 2.4: New Characters, Locations, and Everything

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Dec 15, 2021
Genshin Impact Update 2.4: New Characters, Locations, and Everything

The most iconic mobile game of 2021 is getting a new update. While miHoYo does not reveal much until the update is out, there is still something to expect. If we believe the innumerous leaks, the new adventure will lead us underground, under the surface of Watatsumi Island.

The previous update brought a lot into the game. It featured two new and two returning characters, new weapons and artifact sets, and, of course, new locations. Though it only was released in November 2021, there are always fans who have already got enough of it, so they want more. Well, the winter update is expected to deliver at least the same amount of new content.

The two new characters revealed by miHoYo already will probably appear in this update. One of them is Yun Jin, an opera singer and the director of the opera. Along with that, she is a 4-star Geo user with a powerful Elemental Burst named Cliffbreaker’s Banner, so her presence gives the group strong bonus damage. Her Elemental Skill protects the group from damage. The other character is an exorcist named Shenhe, whose Elemental Burst is named Divine Maiden's Deliverance and provides strong area damage. Her Elemental Skills buffs the party.

Where will 2.4 bring us? As data miners say, the new location (which is already in the files) is named Enkanomiya, and it’s a dark area below the surface of Watatsumi Island. Expect it to be dark, wet, and inhabited by strange dangerous creatures, as well as old magical secrets. And it’s hard not to expect new skills, weapons, items, and stuff.

As for the release date, it’s not clear yet. The most optimistic expect it to become available on January 5, but this is less probable than a bit later. Others think the update will roll out later in January or even in February.

Are you a Genshin Impact player? Were you satisfied with the latest update? What do you expect from this one? Leave us your opinion in the comments, please!

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