Gamescom 2020: 3 Gaming World News You May Have Missed

  • Julia Coldlake
  • Sep 01, 2020
Gamescom 2020: 3 Gaming World News You May Have Missed

Dynamic and ever-changing, the video gaming world is a rapid machine to follow. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of all the innovations, updates, and modifications that developers bring to our favorite games and products. But don’t worry too much because where is Gamescom 2020, there are fresh updates in the gaming community. Here is some news you might have recently missed.


No. 1: Teardown and Its Early Preview

Gamescom 2020 is here to tell you that the game’s developer, Tuxedo Labs, has released a full-blown teaser of what the complete game should look like; and it’s truly exciting. With its 9-minute preview, the company has shown its current development progress in bringing a new, revolutionary product closer to you. Fun, simple, and dynamic, the game seems to be the right choice for the company as a treat for its demanding gaming community.

As far as we can see, the game will be a heist simulator where you get to participate in somewhat criminal activities while trying to establish your influence in the city. Most of the gameplay revolves around vehicle manipulation and building demolishing. While you’re running from the scene of a crime, you will have to find a shortcut to save yourself from the police by smashing through walls, setting buildings on fire, and wreaking a little chaos. Exciting, right?

No. 2: Medieval Dynasty Release Date Has Been Settled

Not so long ago, Render Cube promised to flabbergast us with a new, cutting-edge survival simulation. Apparently, they are keeping their promise, since the release date has already been appointed for September 17, 2020. Along with this, lots of media content has been released to settle the deal for real.

Taking place in the golden age of the Medieval Era, the game is to take us to a small village somewhere in Europe. Having nothing but a little piece of land, you begin your journey as a hunter; but you have forests, mines, and farmlands at your disposal. As you gather resources, you erect a shabby shag that can become the center of a ‘modern’ village. Well-devised weather, day/night modes, and a crafting system will help you plunge into the medieval world voraciously. Learn more about Gamescom News on the website.

No. 3: Twisted II Studio Announces Dark Fracture

Known for their explicit content and chilling worlds, Twisted II Studio has shed some light on their new project — Dark Fracture. The developer claims that the game will entail the best of their previous products to create a world of surreal madness that we are all so thirsty for. To add some more excitement, the company has given an approximate expectation date, which is as early as the first quarter of 2021.

As a psychological horror game, the product is a blend of a horror survival game and a puzzle-solver. Stuck both inside a creepy house and your own mind, you get to experience the inner chaos and tremor of solitude. Designed to play with your fears and sensations, the game leads you through a series of mind-blowing, goose-bumping experiences while you are exploring the mysteries of the place and your own psyche. It has already received praise as one of Gamescom new games favorites of horror fans. 

Fresh From the Oven

Well, this is the most relevant and exciting news you might have missed so far. Follow us for more updates on these and many other games!

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