Games Like Call of Duty, But Not Really

  • Nelly Jackson
  • Aug 20, 2020
Games Like Call of Duty, But Not Really

While there are quite a few games that combine both a good shooter and impressive settings, Call of Duty has always been our favorite. If you have played the game in and out for a couple of times you might be in search of something fresher yet as amusing. So, we have prepared a list of COD alternatives that can brighten up your gaming experience.


No. 1: Counter-Strike

Yes, CS has been around for some time, and some people believe that it’s COD’s predecessor. While it has the good-old gameplay and plot, it never gets too old as for Call of Duty alternatives. Here, you start your defense-offense mission against the enemy, depending on the side you choose.

If you play as a counter-striker, your job is to eliminate the terrorists, save hostages, and complete missions with the fewest casualties or death. When playing on the other side, your tasks are basically the same, apart from holding people captive and wreak chaos. 

No. 2: Unreal Tournament 

If you aren’t against old-timers and somewhat shabby graphics, consider playing the Unreal Tournament. In this sci-fi world, you’re, again, the savior and avenger whose job is to deal with all kinds of popular fiction/horror movie references, like zombies, aliens, cannibals, and so much more. As you progress through the game, you discover new locations and means to eliminate the threat while having fun.
As a game like Call of Duty for PC, the product is worth replaying over and over again. Tens of cool weapons and means to kill the bastards will bring you immense pleasure. Also, don’t forget to use special skills and hidden talents.

No. 3: AssaultCube

AssultCube is a fun multiplayer shooter that does resemble Call of Duty in some ways. Based on the everlasting classic Cube, the game preserves the best from its original version, combining it with real-time confrontations. Pick one among 9 different modes and join a side (Liberations Army or Special Forces) to lead your team to victory. The interesting part is that it’s completely free-of-charge. Imagine, a free game like Call of Duty with an involving shooter plot, tons of weapons, and tens of people playing together. Should be fun, right?  

No. 4: Blacklight Retribution

In case you miss Call of Duty’s adrenaline rush and high-speed motion, then Blacklight Retribution should do the trick for you. It’s a first-person shooter that takes place in the far distant future where weapons and gear grow on the futuristic trees. Just like the law dictates, you play matches against another real-player team to claim your dominance over an area.

What makes the game special is its immense weapon choice and customization features. By completing missions, you obtain credits to purchase all kinds of weaponry, from a standard shotgun to a high-offense flamethrower. Play it online with your friends and pick a mode to express your full potential.  

No. 5: Squad Game

This one is among the best games like Call of Duty with a massive player number. You can assemble teams up to 50 people each and lead epic battles in the midst of various maps and settings. With each map vast and boundless, you can easily devise strategies, try out new assault techniques, and ambush your enemy.

Also, there is a great range of vehicles that can be weaponized to conduct a full-blown attack. Apply different tactics and communication with your team. Or be a loner and become the last man standing.

Found Your Pick?

Yes, Call of Duty is beyond any competition when it comes to battle royales. However, there are other rather enjoyable games to indulge yourself with, waiting for you to be discovered.

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