Game Emulators Offer More Tricks to Ancient Smartphone GPUs

  • Julia Coldlake
  • Mar 02, 2022
Game Emulators Offer More Tricks to Ancient Smartphone GPUs

Skyline’s developers found an extraordinary solution to receive all the instruments they need. Fragmentation on Android is still a matter of concern for many developers. While it cuts the number of clicks and headlines you don’t want to see, there are still multiple small obstacles in front of the user. One of the main problems, according to Mishaal Rahman, Esper’s Senior Technical Editor, is the GPU drivers.

Even if you have two phones in front of you with a similar chipset, you may receive totally different drivers and different profiles of performance. Even features may differ. This is a huge problem for developers since it is almost impossible to predict how good performance is or how many features are actually enabled. Nintendo Switch emulator, Skyline suffered from the same problem. Its developers were trying to figure out whether there is a solution. Recently they proclaimed that the problem is solved. The simple trick they’ve invented helps to update the performance and bring all the features you need to the “ancient” hardware.

They have created a library that fills the empty space between the new drivers and the old ones. It is called Adreno Tools. The instrument was introduced in December. It allows the app to use native drivers instead of the system driver it was using. While the system is slightly more complicated, the main idea is understandable. It fixes both problems, with the performance and apps.

The tool offers the support of graphical features for any device you work with. Some games that run on PC require specific GPU generation for this. For example, ray tracing is crucial for some games. While the work differs even on the level of the driver, there is the same logic in the phones. In brief, you can’t expect to receive the same things from different gear. At the same time, developers require certainty working with the features, especially when the question is whether the feature they need is present or not. Sometimes even another chipset is not a solution to the problem. Developers of games on Android phones have to struggle with it daily.

Now developers can easily use the Adreno Tools, to receive the result they want. This is a bridge between the app’s driver and the game. For Skyline, they use Turnip, the open-source driver for Adreno GPUs of Qualcomm. It offers a simple and understandable baseline on the devices that are supported and lots of features developers can use in the work. The tool improves the whole performance.

Both Turnip and Adreno Tools, with the help of native GPUs similarities, provide Skyline the ability to work on old devices. Users can enjoy the new features no matter the age of the phone. Some titles on Nintendo Switch required texture compression for work. In the future, the company plans to improve the system to work on the chipsets not based on Adreno. There will be more options like Qualcomm as well. According to the recent news, PlayStation 2 emulator, AetherSX2, has adopted this system partially. Dolphin’s developers are looking for the opportunity to check the feature as well. Adreno can be also used for updating the official drivers for the apps you may need. It looks like even users can fix the problem with fragmentation on Android without extra help. The performance will be improved significantly as well. While Adreno Tools is not the solution for everything, it helps to solve the problem.

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