Fortnite Will Surprise You With Cubic Tilted Towers

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Oct 02, 2021
Fortnite Will Surprise You With Cubic Tilted Towers

In the iconic Fortnite game, strange events dedicated to cubes have been taking place lately. From small to large, these geometric creatures leave purple stains behind and destroy the landscape around them. How do these cubes relate to the game, and why do they exist? The latest piece of information hints at a possible return of Tilted Towers related to cubes.

Purple Cubes Grabbed Community Attention

Tilted Towers in Chapter 1 were a favorite place for many players with its convenient location and the amount of loot. These structures gave an advantage at the start of the game, and newcomers without building skills had a chance to perform better in the game.

The previous Season 7 Finale was known for a large amount of dice that ended up on Battle Royale Island. Most of the cubes sit quietly in place, but sometimes players can spot some movement. The most movable one turned out to be a yellow cube, which mysteriously sends electricity into the numerous purple cubes.

So far, the game is in Chapter 2 — Season 8, and after the update to the fresh version 18.10, the interest of the players has increased toward the new event. But things happening on the map are still a mystery. Thanks to data miners, we can take a look at what may await us in the future update.

Will the Towers Return?

According to HYPEX, the Cube City will ultimately look like a metropolis and will be an excellent replacement for the beloved Tilted Towers from Chapter 1. The leak also informs that this place will likely be full of loot and could become a hotspot. The exact dates for this update are unknown, but judging by the activity on the map, it will be coming soon.

Fortnight always tries to surprise and intrigue its players, and this case is no exception. Will guesses about the return of the legendary Tilted Towers be confirmed? What will the strange cubes turn into? You can leave your comments below and share the article with your friends if you liked it!

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