Fortnite Gets Close to Metaverse in 2022

  • Julia Coldlake
  • Jan 26, 2022
Fortnite Gets Close to Metaverse in 2022

Everybody is talking metaverse these days. But while Meta and Google are just teasing, there is a place that embraces the concepts of metaverses already. It’s a multiplayer game – and yet a place for gigs and movie premieres, a place where real-world brands and comic book superheroes interact, a story that includes catastrophes, artifacts, aliens, spies, pirates, DJs, and you. We’re talking about Fortnite.

It’s much more than just a Battle Royale now. We see everyone eager to collaborate: for example, where else can you see DC and Marvel characters interact directly? Real-world stars and brands make their appearances on Fortnite, as recognizable and realistic as possible.

As for technical aspects, the game is spectacular and big, but compatible with absolutely most devices on Earth (and if some of them still can’t run it, it’s not Epic who removed the app!) That’s what you call inclusivity: no matter which hardware you use, Fortnite has already catered to it. And though it lacks VR experience so far, the immersion it provides is high enough to make it as greatly watchable as it is playable. How do you call it?

It looks like Fortnite (which is more than a game already) is the first to deliver a metaverse feel to the masses, tailed by Roblox. Games lead the way: doesn’t it feel strange after claims by Facebook and others? If it does, though, it means we don’t understand how much gaming and virtual reality share in their deepest nature: both imitate activities in the physical world, and this similarity imminently led to games being the best basis for a metaverse.

Hardly most Fortnite players know the name of Johan Huizinga. Still, they all comply with his definition of Homo Ludens, the playing human. Gaming might be the key to founding new worlds and spaces, do you agree? Let’s discuss it in the comments!

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