For Pride Month, DONTNOD Offers Tell Me Why for Free

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Jun 01, 2021
For Pride Month, DONTNOD Offers Tell Me Why for Free

One of the most controversial narrative games, Tell Me Why, will be available for free for the rest of June. While initially it was announced only about the first episode, now the publisher makes it clear that all three chapters will be there for free. That’s the developer’s contribution to the Pride Month 2021.

The game tells a mystical story about two brothers in Alaska who try to examine the old house they used to live in. This premise may resemble What Remains of Edith Finch, but, with two main characters, we have different memories to choose from and trust. Traumatic experiences are connected to sensible topics: one of the protagonists is transgender. In addition, Tell Me Why pays a lot of attention to ethnical matters, like Tlingit and Filipino characters.

The game is available for Windows 10 and Xbox. If you pick it up while it’s free, it remains available to you even after June. On Steam and Microsoft Store, though, the core game is unavailable in several regions, including China, many Muslim and post-Soviet countries, though the DLC are somehow not hidden. Given that this decision was made by publishers and not local authorities, that makes the publisher’s gesture feel somehow incomplete.

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