Fall Guys to Get a PS5 Version Soon?

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Dec 30, 2021
Fall Guys to Get a PS5 Version Soon?

So far, those happy ones with PlayStation 5 still have to play the PS4 version of the iconic Fall Guys. But soon it may change, and the publisher will issue the native version for PS5. At least, so hints a record in the database of upcoming games.

The record found in the list of upcoming games for PlayStation 5 lists Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout without any release date. The icon of it still holds the BETA moniker. Probably the early version of the game will not be available to the public before it’s fully polished, because there is really a lot to test before the official launch.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has always been about visuals as much as about gameplay. Since its release and sudden success, this Battle Royale game by Mediatonic and Devolver Digital gave everyone equal chances to win, but each one could make themselves distinct by buying special costumes. Each costume consists of two parts, and both the top and the bottom can be bought separately. This gives even more possibilities for unique combinations. And as the game is wildly popular among streamers, recognizable costumes are demanded well.

One of the crucial elements of Fall Guys’ success is its seamless cross-play, independent of what device the player uses. So, the version for PlayStation 5 has to be fully compatible with other versions in terms of gameplay. What’s left for exclusive? Visuals. Probably those on PS5 will receive some exclusive costumes, to show off before those on older consoles, demonstrating who’s the boss. In addition, one should expect much better overall performance, utilizing the much more powerful hardware of next-gen.

And do you play Fall Guys? On what device? Which is your favorite costume, and do you think appearance is that important? And do you expect the native version of the game? Share your opinion in the comments if you wish!

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